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Shana Saichek has become Of Counsel to The Wagner Law Group, and Linda Stuessi has become an associate attorney at The Wagner Law Group. You can reach them at or For more information, please see

The Saichek Law Firm no longer provides legal services.

Areas of Practice

Meeting Chart The attorneys at Saichek Law Firm, APC, offer a broad range of legal services to benefit plan fiduciaries of employee benefit trust funds, ranging from a small single-union firefighters’ retiree medical trust to multi-million dollar health funds, multiemployer Taft-Hartley plans, 115 integral part trusts, governmental benefit plans, VEBAs, AHPs and multiple employer welfare arrangements.


The Saichek Law Firm, APC, provides the following legal services:

  • Establishing employee benefit trusts, including medical expense reimbursement plans, for active and/or retired employees;
  • Comprehensive analysis of federal tax affecting pension and health benefit plans;
  • Representing plan sponsors and fiduciaries of employee benefit trust funds; and
  • Developing and implementing solutions to health plan issues for employees in the public or private sector.

Saichek Law Firm is recognized by both labor and management lawyers to protect the interests of plan fiduciaries and plan participants. The firm monitors state and national developments in the field, which enables the attorneys to find workable solutions in this evolving area of law.

In this era of legal, financial, accounting and political restrictions, it is critical to explore benefits programs in new ways. The firm specializes in advising trustees, administrators, Human Resources and Finance Directors, as well as other plan fiduciaries and professionals, on a wide variety of legal and tax issues regarding the multiple, complex issues surrounding employee benefit plans.

Our attorneys maintain an in-depth knowledge of the federal and state laws that govern the pension and health care trust funds, including:

  • ACA
  • ADA
  • FASB Guidance
  • Federal Regulations
  • FMLA
  • GASB Rules
  • Internal Revenue Code
  • Knox Keene Act
  • SEC Rules
  • SSA