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Shana Saichek has become Of Counsel to The Wagner Law Group, and Linda Stuessi has become an associate attorney at The Wagner Law Group. You can reach them at or For more information, please see

The Saichek Law Firm no longer provides legal services.

About the Saichek Law Firm

Saichek Law Firm Staff

What sets Saichek Law firm apart

Clients choose the attorneys at Saichek Law Firm for experience, integrity, communication skills, character and comprehensive knowledge in the field. Specific, expert counsel includes:

  • Developing and implementing solutions to health care coverage for employees in the public or private sector;
  • Establishing employee benefit trusts and medical expense reimbursement plans for active and/or retired employees;
  • Setting up MEWAs for trade associations and Association Health Plans;
  • Advising clients on how to accomplish lawful modifications to health coverage, either through collective bargaining, or by unilateral action of employee associations or governmental employers
  • Representing plan sponsors and fiduciaries of employee benefit trust funds.
  • Developing legally-compliant active wellness programs for active employees and retirees to help contain health care costs;

Your Team of Benefit Advisors

Part of our success is due to our appreciation for the entire team that makes an employee benefit plan work right. The team includes the client, actuary, administrator, investment manager, accountant and the attorneys at Saichek Law Firm.

  1. When we assemble the team, we know the best players in the field to bring to our clients.
  2. When we join a team, we work closely with them to run a very efficient operation.
  3. The goal of the team is to maintain an employee benefit plan, over a long-term time horizon, that provides optimal benefits while staying within budgetary constraints and legal restrictions.
  4. When we achieve this, we are meeting our foremost goal: to ensure Trustees fulfill their complex fiduciary duties.

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